Candid photos are the mainstay of Convention and Meeting promotion, archive, and documentation.

Great images of your attendees having fun and being engaged in sessions, and clear photos of presenters and awards are essential for:
  • Promotion of future events to build attendance
  • Attracting quality presenters for future events
Most venues are not designed for photography. Lighting intensity and color varies from room to room, speakers are not always properly lit, and there are multiple rooms that need to be covered concurrently. Also, finding the right moment to capture the photo while the subject is engaged and smiling is not an easy task.
Our photographers are trained to handle all of these obstacles, and are equipped with the latest equipment to make the most of the environment.

And don't overlook the value of displaying current photos on screens during breaks and meals. When an attendees see themselves on screen, engagement increases!
We can provide on-site editors for frequent feeds of photos to your A/V resources to make the most of your event!